Existence of Trump refutes intelligent design, creationists concede
Former creationists around the world have finally conceded that the theory of evolution, first described by Charles Darwin, better explains
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New archbishop promises to abuse only atheist children
In an exclusive interview, newly appointed archbishop Fergal O’Hara proudly told the Moa that under his watch there will be
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Auckland City Hospital
Hospital: “Don’t ask, don’t tell”
Dr Wendell Barrington-Smythe, Director of Human Resources at Auckland City Hospital, announced that from today the hospital would be adopting
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Wayne and Shivaun pre-op
TVNZ seeking couples for new reality show
In a desperate bid to lift ratings and claim viewers back from streaming services such as Netflix and Lightbox TV2
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Salt water crocodile
Australia declares state of emergency
A visibly shaken Malcolm Turnbull today placed the country in a state of federal emergency, citing a massive threat from
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RocketLab's first launch
Bill English retiring to sun-synchronous orbit
Former Prime Minister Bill English announced today that he is retiring to a sun-synchronous orbit, and will constitute the entire
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Farmer can’t pour piss out of a rubber gumboot
AgResearch announced today that Fielding sharemilker Darren Booth is unable to pour piss out of a rubber gumboot. Booth, 32,
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Windscreen washers approaching their prey
Windscreen washers re-invading Whangarei
The Department of Conservation has admitted that its capture and relocation programme, in which the windscreen washers plaguing city intersections
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